Adrian Dvir, 45, married with two childrens, tell his story about entering into the world of Healing, Mediumship, Channeling and treating sick people with the help of a medical team of Aliens.

Adrian study Electronics and Computer Engineering and has an B.Sc and M.Sc. adrian work at a high tech company. Adrian discovered that he is a medium and in his spare time he treat people with the help of the Aliens. Adrian take advantage of the daily contacts with the Aliens to study then and published two books on the subject.

Adrian also painted the strange looking pictures on the clinic wall. Adrian Painted these picture from his imagination during his twenties without having any idea of his Psychic abilities.

Adrian Dvir gives lecture on the subject of his collaboration with the Aliens and demonstration of Aliens medical treatment.
Tel: (972-3) 9649440, Mobile: (972-52) 654138


state of the art medical drawing apparatus

Yes! Create your own Multicoloured Intestine Diagram!!!

antonín panenka

Czechoslovakia reached the final, where they faced West Germany. After extra time, the result was 2-2, and so the first penalty shootout in a European Championships final ensued. All the kicks were converted, until West Germany's fourth penalty taker, Uli Hoeness, ballooned his shot over the bar. With the score 4-3, Panenka stepped up to take the fifth and final Czechoslovakian penalty, to win the match. Despite the immense pressure, he fooled German goalkeeper Sepp Maier into diving for a save, before coolly chipping the ball straight down the middle and into the net. The sheer cheek of the goal led a watching French journalist to dub Panenka "a poet", and to this day his winning kick ranks amongst the most famous ever.