How to Get out of Quicksand

Uh oh. You're hiking alone in the wilderness, looking up at the birds and whistling a happy song, when suddenly you find yourself trapped in quicksand and sinking fast. Certain muddy death? Not quite. While quicksand isn't nearly as dangerous as it looks in the movies, it is a real phenomenon. Just about any sand or silt can temporarily become quicksand if it is sufficiently saturated with water and/or subjected to vibrations, such as occur during an earthquake--thus it can occur nearly anywhere. Quicksand should definitely be avoided, if possible, but you needn't fear it. Here's what to do if you find yourself sinking.


1. Avoid quicksand.

How to Get out of Quicksand

Uh oh. You're hiking alone in the wilderness, looking up at the birds and whistling a happy song, when suddenly you find yourself trapped in quicksand and sinking fast. Certain muddy death? Not quite. While quicksand isn't nearly as dangerous as it looks in the movies, it is a real phenomenon. Just about any sand or silt can temporarily become quicksand if it is sufficiently saturated with water and/or subjected to vibrations, such as occur during an earthquake--thus it can occur nearly anywhere. Quicksand should definitely be avoided, if possible, but you needn't fear it. Here's what to do if you find yourself sinking.


1. Avoid quicksand.


BarneyCam 2006: Barney Reloaded

December 18, 2006
BarneyCam 2006: Join Barney Bush for a Festive Romp Around the Jesus-Flavored White House
It's that magical time of year again: President and Mrs. Bush's high-spirited lapdog Barney (along with the lovely Miss Beazley) guides visitors on a delightful romp through our nation's most hallowed government building – constitutionally bedecked with acre upon acre of gilded, Christ-themed chintz. Each winter, millions of BarneyCam fans thrill to the sights and sounds of our Savior's birthday, as narrated by Barney in his own authentic and totally convincing Scottish brogue!

Barney Bush:
OK – it is time for my weekly shampoo, manicure and anal gland expression. Got to go. Thanks for coming!

Woof, Woof!

- Barney



The term chav refers to a subcultural stereotype fixated on fashions such as gold jewellery and designer clothing in the Burberry pattern (notably a now-discontinued baseball cap) and from a variety of other casual and sportswear brands. Tracksuits, hoodies, jogging bottoms (known as sweatpants to some) and baseball caps are particularly associated with this stereotype. Musically, chavs tend to like rap, garage, and electronic Dance Music. Response to the term has ranged from amusement to criticism that it is a new manifestation of classism.



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trash talkin' Turleen

She didn’t just fall off of the turnip truck! Turleen is a sophisticated and patriotic American and a model working mother. After hours of hard work gathering carts at the Honk & Holler and waitressing at the elegant Bowlarama, she still finds time to spend quality time with her kids. With seven children and one on the way, she recently won the Mother of the Year Award from the Pink Flamingo Trailer Park Homeowners Association! This special trophy sits proudly on the kitchen window sill in her luxurious double-wide next to her six first place Little Miss Guzzler Awards from the county fair! Yes this honey has grown up! She’s got a bun in the oven and she’s ready to hit the town! Just push her belly button and Trash Talkin’ Turleen will share some pearls of wisdom with the sophistication and style that makes her family and third grade teacher proud.



miss black american princess, Inc.

miss donald trump

Miss USA in danger of losing crown due to behavior

NEW YORK, Dec 14 (Reuters Life!) - Miss USA 2006 is in danger of losing her crown due to bad behavior, organizers of the annual beauty pageant said on Thursday.
Property magnate and TV "reality" series star Donald Trump, who owns the Miss USA and Miss Universe contests, will decide next week whether or not Tara Conner would keep the title, they said.
"The Miss Universe Organization and Mr. Donald J. Trump will be evaluating her behavioral and personal issues to see what we can do to work with her, and what we will do about her reign going forward," Paula Shugart, president of the Miss Universe Organization, said in a statement.

"Mr. Trump will make a determination and announcement within the coming week."
A spokeswoman for the contest declined to give any details on Conner's misbehavior or comment on online reports about incidents of inappropriate conduct at New York bars.
"Miss USA is a role model. There are moral rules that we go over with them," she said, but declined to outline the rules under which the winners accept the title.

Conner, who turns 21 this month, won the Miss USA contest in April this year, becoming the first woman from Kentucky to win the crown.
She has been competing in pageants since age 4.

Under beauty contest rules, if Conner were removed, the first runner-up would assume her duties. She is Miss California USA, Tamiko Nash.
Conner would not be the first beauty queen to be stripped of her title.
Last month Miss Great Britain Danielle Lloyd lost her crown for reportedly dating soccer star Teddy Sheringham before he judged the contest and also for agreeing to pose for Playboy magazine.
Attempts to contact Conner were not successful.

go coed

2007 National Miss American Coed Miss Ashley Smith
Miss American Coed
Ashley Smith, TX
2007 National Miss American Teen Miss Krystle Davis
Miss American Teen
Krystle Davis, WI
2007 National Miss American Junior Teen Miss Sadie Porter
Miss American Junior Teen
Sadie Porter, WA
2007 National Miss American Preteen Miss Katarina Kneer
Miss American Preteen
Katarina Kneer, DC
2007 National Miss American Sweetheart Miss Stephanie Scott
Miss American Sweetheart
Stephanie Scott, FL
2007 Miss American Princess Miss Madison Banks
Miss American Princess
Madison Banks, GA

Miss Rodeo America store

Rich in history and western tradition, the Miss Rodeo America organization relies on its volunteer membership, enriched with talent and determination, to maintain the integrity and continued success of Miss Rodeo America.
The Miss Rodeo America competition exists for the purpose of selecting a young lady to serve as an official spokesperson for the sport of professional rodeo, educating the public and creating awareness about the sport, its sponsors and its opportunities.
In addition to conducting the annual pageant competition, the organization administers the scholarship program. Providing educational opportunities to young ladies competing in the Miss Rodeo America Pageant is a major focus of the organization. We have a rich tradition and a distinguished alumni of past Miss Rodeo Americas, many who continue to contribute to the organization, the sport of professional rodeo and our western lifestyle, long after their reign.

Still making great quality fringed/chap shirts. Cowgirl Glitter also sells the full line of Kippy products, B. B. Simon Belts, and Hobby Horse Clothing. Don't miss out on looking good!!!
See you down the road. ;)

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Dinar's Opinions

Dinar's Opinions:

On the Privileges of Celebrity:
It is the outcome fruit of the talent. It is the defentition of talent, and not just showing off (car, dress, and sunglasses). It is a big responsibility. A Celebrity must be keen to present roles of defenition and value.

On music:

I like music. I used to fall for classic, now, I would rather light music.
I like the songs of Halim, Om Kalthoum, Abd El Wehab, & Mouhamed Fawzi. New ones, I like Hany Shaker and Ali El Haggar.

On Arab Nation, as an Arab:

I am lucky to be an Arab. Being an arab means that I speak the language of the Holly Koran. I understand what the Holly Koran states, I don't need a translator.
As an Egyptian I love Egypt. I live in 6th of October city, where I enjoy greenery and privacy.

On Anger:

I go to sleep or run away.

On those who inspire her:

My Family.

Félix da Costa treina em Itália com Michael Schumacher

António Félix da Costa, Campeão Nacional da categoria Júnior, esteve presente em Itália numa sessão de testes privada da Tonykart. A jovem esperança foi um dos 5 pilotos que testaram o novo material da poderosa fábrica Italiana, juntamente com Michael Schumacher, Luca Badoer, Marco Ardigo e Will Stevens.

O piloto de Cascais, que em 2007 dará o salto para a categoria Intercontinetal A (KF2), testou o novo chassis Tonykart e focou-se essencialmente na adaptação à nova categoria, assim como à própria equipa: "Foi um teste muito proveitoso, gostei bastante da forma profissional da equipa trabalhar e adaptei-me com bastante facilidade ao novo kart e à nova categoria. Rodei nos mesmos tempos do Stevens que já tem algumas corridas feitas de Inter. Os travões à frente são incríveis, permitem-me ganhar bastante nos ganchos."



Lanier first noticed the dangers inherent in the mass marketing of half-baked artificial intelligence concepts while using Microsoft Word.
All he wanted to do was abbreviate a name he had cooked up -- "tele-immersion." "It's a cross between virtual reality and a transporter booth," he says, a strategy for employing the Internet to bring people together in a computer-generated, 3-D space. Lanier simply wanted to write the word "tele-immersion" as "tele-i." And when Word wouldn't let him do it, capitalizing the "i" repeatedly, Lanier found himself frustrated, even angry.
Though he knows how to turn it off, he claims most users don't. And he's still none too pleased. "This crazy artificial intelligence philosophy which I used to think of as a quirky eccentricity has taken over the way people can use English," he says. "We've lost something."
And it's not just Word that spun Lanier into a tizzy. It's the sheer prevalence of these "thinking" features: the fact that PowerPoint shrinks the font when you add too many words, that browsers add complete URLs after the user puts in three letters, and that there's little that most people can do about it.
"[Programmers] are sacrificing the user in order to have this fantasy that the computers are turning into creatures," he says. "These features found their way in not because developers think people want them, but because this idea of making autonomous computers has gotten into their heads."*

underlined ours.

cybernetic totalism

Here is a partial roster of the component beliefs of cybernetic totalism:
  1. That cybernetic patterns of information provide the ultimate and best way to understand reality.
  2. That people are no more than cybernetic patterns.
  3. That subjective experience either doesn't exist, or is unimportant because it is some sort of ambient or peripheral effect.
  4. That what Darwin described in biology, or something like it, is in fact also the singular, superior description of all creativity and culture.
  5. That qualitative as well as quantitative aspects of information systems will be accelerated by Moore's Law. And finally, the most dramatic:
  6. That biology and physics will merge with computer science (becoming biotechnology and nanotechnology), resulting in life and the physical universe becoming mercurial; achieving the supposed nature of computer software. Furthermore, all of this will happen very soon! Since computers are improving so quickly, they will overwhelm all the other cybernetic processes, like people, and will fundamentally change the nature of what's going on in the familiar neighborhood of Earth at some moment when a new "criticality" is achieved- maybe in about the year 2020. To be a human after that moment will be either impossible or something very different than we now can know.

Let's take the "nanobots take over" scenario. It seems to me that the most likely scenarios involve either:
  1. Super-nanobots everywhere that run old software- linux, say. This might be interesting. Good video games will be available, anyway.
  2. Super-nanobots that evolve as fast as natural nanobots- so don't do much for millions of years.
  3. Super-nanobots that do new things soon, but are dependent on humans. In all these cases humans will be in control, for better or for worse.


junk mail Misery

From: "Gabriela Ohara" Louis2Jaynebrady@ledger-enquirer.com
Subject: Re:
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 16:36:50 -0900
"She slapped herself across the left cheek with her left hand, hard enough to leave an imprint. He had spent much of the night alternately dozing and waking in a cold sweat, sure he was dying.
"She slapped herself across the left cheek with her left hand, hard enough to leave an imprint. He had spent much of the night alternately dozing and waking in a cold sweat, sure he was dying.
"She slapped herself across the left cheek with her left hand, hard enough to leave an imprint. He had spent much of the night alternately dozing and waking in a cold sweat, sure he was dying.
As a result, hadn't his "serious fiction become steadily more self-conscious, a sort of scream?" The axe came whistling down and buried itself in Paul Sheldon's left leg just above the ankle.


Breeder of Champions



Love, Raquel


In Roman Catholic theology, Papal infallibility is the dogma that the Pope is preserved from error when he solemnly promulgates, or declares, to the Church a dogmatic teaching on faith or morals. This doctrine was defined dogmatically in the First Vatican Council of 1870. In Catholic theology, papal infallibility is one of the channels of the Infallibility of the Church. Papal infallibility does not signify that the Pope is impeccable, i.e., that he is specially exempt from liability to sin.

latinoamericanos desaparecidos


employment opportunities

Instructions: EVERY field in this application is required to be filled out. If a field does not apply to you, enter 'N/A', but do not leave it blank. After filling out the form and before submitting the information, please print out a copy of the filled out application. You will need to send it in with your notarization and application fee.

Established in 1966, the American Polygraph Association (APA) consists of over 2500 members dedicated to providing a valid and reliable means to verify the truth and establish the highest standards of moral, ethical, and professional conduct in the polygraph field.
The American Polygraph Association continues to be the leading polygraph professional association, establishing standards of ethical practices, techniques, instrumentation, research, and advanced training and continuing educational programs.

The goal of the American Polygraph Association is to provide mankind with a valid and reliable means to verify the truth of the matter asserted by:
1. Serving the cause of truth with integrity, objectivity and fairness to all persons.
2. Encouraging and supporting research, training and education to benefit members of the Association as well as those who support its purpose and by providing a forum for the presentation and exchange of information derived from such research, training and education.
3. Establishing and enforcing standards for admission to membership and continued membership in the Association.
4. Governing the conduct of members of the Association by requiring adherence to a Code of Ethics and a set of Standards and Principles of Practice


Ever since the skeleton of transvestite dog breeder Camilla Lyman was found in the muck of her septic tank nearly two years ago, detectives have struggled to find solid clues that would help unmask her killer.
The daughter of a prominent Bostonian, Lyman vanished from her 40-acre estate in rural Hopkinton in 1987. No one immediately told police she was missing, not even her supposed friends. There was talk she'd gone to Europe for a sex change. There was no sign of Lyman until 1997, when her body was found in the septic tank by two men who had just purchased her house.
She grew a mustache with the help of steroids intended for her dogs, sported a short haircut and tweed jackets, and changed her name to the more masculine Cam -- all the while becoming alienated from her siblings.


Curtir, viver, vestir



Jornal O Crime - nº 1097

Após um contacto telefónico de Paulo Fernandes, jornalista d'O Crime, e uma longa pré-explicação de Satanismo, um Administrador da APS disponibilizou-se para uma entrevista via telefone. O resultado é o que se segue.

Clique nas páginas para as ver no tamanho original.

Não queremos deixar de referir que a atitude do repórter Paulo Fernandes em omitir que iria envolver a entrevista com duas páginas de mentiras e difamações ao Satanismo é imperdoável! De tal forma, o jornal o Crime realizou a sua primeira e última entrevista a qualquer membro da APS.

death metal

While most people associate death metal music with a bunch of guys grunting and slapping detuned guitars randomly, there's a multitude of reasons why this genre maintains a strong following and earns the fierce loyalty of many listeners worldwide. If you're curious about death metal, here's you're chance to learn, appreciate, listen, and enjoy.

Are you in awe of the raw, vocal stylings of death metal bands? Do you ever want to sing along? Here's how to emulate the guttural lyrics that make death metal music distinct.


ken nordine

molecular gastronomy

Molecular gastronomy is the application of science to culinary practice and more generally gastronomical phenomena.
The term was coined by the French scientist Hervé This and by the Hungarian physicist Nicholas Kurti. Both had investigated food preparation scientifically: Nicholas Kurti had given a presentation in 1969 at the Royal Institution called "The physicist in the kitchen"), and This had been testing culinary old wives's tales since March 1980.
The idea of using techniques developed in chemistry to study food was not a new one: it has a history back to the 18th century [1]. This and Kurti decided that a new, specific discipline should be created within that of food science, and looked for a name. The initial proposal by This was "Molecular Gastronomy", but Kurti, being a physicist, insisted on adding "and physical". This is why the discipline was at first called "Molecular and Physical Gastronomy" (also the title of This's Ph.D.).
When Kurti died, This dropped the "and physical" to arrive at "Molecular Gastronomy", but Kurti's name was given to the continuing series of workshops that Kurti and This had directed every two years in Erice, at the Majorana Centre for Scientific Culture.

The fundamental objectives of molecular gastronomy were defined by This in his Ph.D. thesis as:
* Investigating culinary and gastronomical proverbs, sayings, old wives tales
* Exploring existing recipes
* Introducing new tools, ingredients and methods into the kitchen
* Inventing new dishes
* Using molecular gastronomy to help the general public understand the contribution of science to society


japos frikis

mimi friki otaku

moto japo friki