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1. logging

When Russian ladies feel lonely, they do a massive shite, freeze it and at times of need, use it as a dildo, according to Manchipp.

So there I was, chillin with my hot Ruski Mama when all of a sudden and with no suggestion for me, she goes to the freezer and drags out this 13 inch shit and starts to masturdate using it. So obviously I said "what the hell are you doing" and she said, "Logging, it's all the range here in Russia" (but in Russian clearly, as she was russian)

by stretch Jun 6, 2003 email it
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2. Logging 8 up, 3 down

Another Term for Masturbate (Or Masturbating), started on an internet forum in the thread "The Masturbation Log"

Also: Log, Logged, Logger

Kram3r: Barka! I'm trying to catch this fucking Teddirusa but my pokeball keeps fucking up!

Barker: Shut up, I'm logging. ~haermm~

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by Neil Green Canada Oct 23, 2007 email it
3. logging 11 up, 17 down

when some one does a huge shit, freezes it, and uses it as a dildo.

mostly used in Russia


the black abalone

xxxxx xxxxx was the first starlet to make a public appearance when she greeted fans at a New Year celebration on February 11, 2008. After the meeting, she delivered a brief statement to the press in which she did not expressly state whether she was the subject of some of the photographs. xxxxx apologized for the hurt caused to those around her by her silliness and naivety, saying that she "had now grown up". She promised to "work hard and act positively" in future

There is a YouTube clip of xxxxxx meeting with fans prior to her 65-second press conference. Somewhere in there, a female voice was yelling out 黑鮑 (literal translation: black abalone). This is one of the nicknames that netizens are using for her, in reference to her vulva and its color. This is very mean and the mainstream media will not report on this. However, this video clip is popular at the discussion forums.


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