I want your fluids

What is the difference between OS intimacy and masturbation? 
Clearly one of the most irritating questions we entertain when a person gets a mental image of us in “the act” with an object.  Naturally, it would seem there is no difference because the question is being posed by one who does not love the object.  OS intimacy is not instrumental manipulation to self pleasure.  In the case of a person utilizing some object in this manner, the object is none other than a means to an end.  To an OS person, our intimate focus is on the object we love. - Objectùm-Sexuality Internationale!

That spring day in Paris, in the company of close friends, was my personal dedication to the Eiffel Tower and merely a manifestation of my love for and commitment to Bridges, not marriage by any conventions. It is this story, the depth of my love for Bridges that I intended to share when I opened the door and came out. However, the media exploited my willingness and falsely portrayed my relationship with the Eiffel Tower.
It is also true that I have a longstanding relationship with the Berlin Wall. - “Married” to the Eiffel Tower?
By Erika Eiffel

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